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Damn TV
Tuesday, Apr. 09, 2013 5:22 PM

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ― Socrates

So, I was looking up what TV shows were cancelled for the 2012-2013 TV schedule and was sad to see they cancelled Don't Trust the B**** in Apt. 23. I loved that show! How could they cancel it? I've decided I can't like any TV show anymore because every single show I like/love gets canned.

I noticed they also cancelled gossip girl, a show I haven't watched at all this year because it was getting old. However, I am sitting here watching the very last episode because I want to know who Gossip Girl was. Sure, I could just Google it but in all honesty, I want to be surprised. Blake Lively looks like she's gained weight (which is good because she looks less skeletal and more real), and Penn Badgley definitely looks better with his hair short. If Penn reads this ever, KEEP IT SHORT! Doubt he reads this, though, but you never know.

Is this all I have to talk about? TV shows? Must have had a very boring weekend. Wichita State did make it to the Final Four. Go Shocks! Sadly, they lost to Louisville by 4 points. Still, they made it to the Final Four! That's impressive and quite the accomplishment for such an underdog team. Gotta love them Shocks. Never been so proud to be an alum of WSU.

On another note, Gilly asked me the strangest question Sunday night. He asked me who I'd choose: him or Mike. I was just going to avoid answering the question since he told me to respond by last night, but then we were playing GW2 and Mike was like, "Why are you following me?" when we were doing some random group event and I was like, "'cause that's what I do, Mikey. I'd follow you anywhere." And then Gilly was like, "well now we know her answer." I responded with a "you have no idea what my answer would be." And I left it at that.

So what would my answer be? Honestly, if I had the freedom to choose between the two of them I'd pick neither because I like them both. If I could combine the two of them together into one man, I'd choose that man. There are so many great qualities about both of them, and things I don't like, too. So I'd take the good in each of them and make me the perfect companion.

I miss Sal. I told him I'd play WoW on Tuesdays to see him, but I really don't care for WoW anymore. It's such a boring game. It used to be fun, but now I have no interest in it. If it wasn't for the people I met playing it, I'd probably quit it completely but I do enjoy spending time with Scott, Sal and Zach.

Well, gossip girl ended up being Dan Humphrey. I knew it was either him or Jenny. I should become a detective. My instincts always seem to be right from the get go. Even on Pretty Little Liars I seem to guess correctly who A is. It's all logic, deduction and following the clues.

Okay, I'm off. Bad entry, I know, but eh... its what was on my mind today. Ha ha. God, I'm so boring right now.

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