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I am freaking hungry.....
Monday, May. 06, 2013 4:39 PM

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” ― Plato

Not much to update anybody on since I have become a gaming junkie. No, that's not true. I have always been a gaming junkie. I'm just acknowledging it for the first time and accepting the truth. Yes, I spend way too much time playing computer games. I have turned myself into a child of the 90's! Why a child of the 90's? Because in the 80's we may have had the Atari and the introduction of the Nintendo, but it wasn't until the 90's when this type of gaming really took hold. And as for the kids born in the 00's and beyond? They're Texting Internet Junkies thanks to being the generation growing up with Twitter, Facebook, and god knows whatever else is out there these days.

I'm glad I wasn't born in the 90's or 00's and beyond. While I love the internet and I'm completely addicted to it, it's actually caused me to become quite freaking lazy. Instead of going and working out, I have to get home pronto just so I can spend hours shooting digital enemies with my digital toon. It used to be having to hurry home to chat in some chat room, but the chat room started to become boring when it ended up being the same 100 people talking about the same 5 boring topics because they were doing the same thing I was doing: logging on right away to chat instead of experiencing life and having something to actually talk about. No wonder the chat rooms were so full of drama. Everybody was freaking bored! No... now I entertain myself by having characters who live out a story and progress until the level ends and you have to start a new character or hope an expansion pack is coming out.

Whatever happened to the good old days when Ms. PacMan was the best thing to ever happen?

Now, it's all going to change again for a bit because Michael got a new job and won't be able to play computer games with me and GIlly for awhile. Le Sigh! I guess I'm going to have to log back into WoW and level my toons to 90 and spend hours gearing them just to have some stupid patch come out and put all my efforts to shame and waste. But this entry isn't about my angst against WoW and all the stupid things Blizzard has done lately - and they have done a lot of stupid things, believe me.....

Actually, I have no idea what this post is about. I'm just rambling because I have nothing else to talk about and I'm avoiding doing my work. I will tell you this... someone's car alarm is going off outside and it has been for the last hour. And no, it's not my car. I checked... Thankfully, my classic country music is tuning most of the Wheee Whoooo Wheeee Whooo noise out. Yes, I said classic country. I've been listening to that lately. I don't even know why. I think I'm just fed up and tired of the radio stations here repeating the same old songs over and over again and burning me out on what's considered popular these days. And since my iPod is broken and won't charge I'm a bit stuck with the radio at work. No biggie. This station has very few commercials and a lot of non repeated music. THANK GOD! Actually, thank God I like almost all types of music or I'd be up the creek. The only music I can't stand for the life of me is Rap. Not this new age rap crap.. old school rap was good. New school rap SUCKS.

Well, since I'm not really talking about anything and I'm just rambling on about stupid crap, I guess I'll go do some actual work here or post a blog to my blog.com site.

Chow Chow! (you know, instead of ciao ciao)....

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