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Keeping On...
Thursday, Jul. 25, 2013 12:59 PM

"I'm working my way steadily back and I'm feeling good." - Lee Westwood

Had a doctor's appointment today and the doctor said I was like a brand new person. My mother said it, too. She was like, "she even skipped out to the car this morning." Did I really? I do remember doing something. I guess I was skipping. I haven't been able to stop smiling all day today. I feel like bursting - but a good kind of bursting.

So, now when I wake up, I wake up. I'm no longer in a fog for over half the day trying to wake myself up. I open up my eyes when the alarm goes off and wow. There's the world. Hello! I still get tired halfway through the day and want to take a nap, but it's not like it was a month ago. Whatever is happening to my body is definitely an improvement. I don't feel like I'm being weighed down by water anymore, and I think that's a huge thing. I feel like I can run for miles - even though running half a block right now would probably tire me out since I'm so out of shape. All I know is I will keep on keeping on with this regime and see where I am in another month's time. I'm just glad something is finally taking place to make me feel better inside and out.

Not much else is going on in this little boring world of mine. I'm sure once I feel even better than I do now, I will see a change in my existence, too. Maybe I'll start going to the movies or something. At the moment I've just been reading a lot of books, playing a bit of WoW, and catching up on my TV shows. I'm so caught up at work right now that I spend most of the time reading the book I'm working on or playing Facebook games. I love those search and find games. I wish they didn't require energy to play them. I'd be on them all day if they didn't.

Update on my grandmother: She's still paranoid and accusing me of sending a couple of friends into her house to steal her wedding rings. I sure would like to know what friends she means since I don't have any really - at least none that live less than 2 hours or more away. My mother is avoiding her for the most part because she doesn't want to get into an argument or fight with her. She's afraid her "mama claws" will come out to defend me and the turnout won't be very nice. I think she needs to be tested for dementia because she is seriously hallucinating a lot of things, and she's been misplacing things for years. She just used to blame my grandpa on it before he passed away. Then it was my aunt Janna's turn to be blamed. Now it's mine and probably will be until the day she dies. The only thing that keeps me going is that, even if she didn't mean it completely, the last words I heard her speak to me were "I love you" even if it was left on an answering machine. God, I really don't want to end up like that. I hope I didn't inherit the gene. Please dear God...

Now that I don't have much going on at work, I'll try to update more often. I just never know what to write. Oh, I did hear back from R.E.. Our friendship is on the mend now. I feel good about this. Real good. We'll see if I can mend some of my other friendships along the way. Until next time, keep on keeping on.

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