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La di Da
Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013 11:44 AM

I decided a long time ago I would feed on the vultures until a dove came along. A pigeon. The kind of soul that didn't impede on anyone; just walked around worrying about its own business, trying to get through life without pulling everyone else down. With its own needs and selfish habits. Brave. A communicator. Intelligent. Beautiful. Soft-spoken. A creature that mates for life. Unattainable until she has a reason to trust you. ― Jamie McGuire, Walking Disaster

Wow. Has it really been this long since my last entry? I guess this is what happens when you spend the majority of your free time reading books. I think I've gone through 4 books in 14 days. Plus, when I get home around 5 pm, I take a nap. I probably shouldn't be napping so late in the day, but my body seems to crave the rest.

On a different note, I shaved my legs. Yes, they badly needed it, and since it's summer and I'm no longer swollen up like a blow fish (or whatever fish it is that can blow themselves up into a massive ball), I can actually make my legs look quite feminine and pretty. I even went so far as to let my mom paint my fingernails and toenails. I think that made her day. I wonder how she feels having a daughter that's not so into the girly girly stuff. Given what's been going on with my grandma lately and how much she's lost it, I want to make the moments with my mom last. I want to remember that yes, I took the time to let her doll me up and make me pretty. I like making her happy. It feels good.

Not much else is going on. I can't even think straight right now. I feel a little light headed so I think my blood sugar is out of whack. Must mean that it's time to go eat. Yep. I think I'll go get something to munch on.

Mmm... Fazoli's for lunch. I feel much better. Less light headed. Now to just sit back, read my People magazine and let some work pile up so I actually have something to do. I really need more work. I know most people don't say that, but I need it. I mean, I love being able to get paid to read and surf the internet and play games, but honestly... I would love to have more to do. It would make me feel more productive and make the day go by faster.

Ah, the boring life I lead at the moment. Can't complain, though. It could always be way more dramatic (which I don't want), and a thousand times worse.

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