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So much more to do....
Thursday, May. 29, 2014 3:47 PM

"Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it." Veronica Roth (Divergent (Divergent, #1))

I have been so busy, it's not funny. I've been stressed out to the point where I'm completely grumpy and quite forgetful. At least I hope my forgetfulness is due to stress. Kent fractured his back so now he has to have back surgery to help mold the bones together so they don't fracture any further. I'm off to see an allergy/asthma specialist on the 5th because I can't seem to get rid of this cough I've had for months, and I also get to visit the endocrinologist on the same day to see if I should have surgery to remove part of my stomach (ulcers and what not).

Also this month, Haley's paw was swollen and looked absolutely horrible so I had to take her to the vet and get her on some pills. Fortunately, there are these wonderful new things called pill pockets and Haley scarfs them down so fast she has no idea there's a pill hidden on the inside. It's rather funny. Anytime one of us goes to open up our medicine bottle, here comes Haley thinking she's getting her special little treat. I should buy these pill pockets as plain old treats.

We also switched the cat food to Iam's. We were feeding them Purina. Since my cats are now considered senior citizens, we get them the kind for 11+ years. It's amazing the difference in them after two weeks. They are no longer throwing up, they no longer have dry skin and cat dander, their fur is much softer, and they are extremely active now. In fact, Comet has gained weight an Haley has lost weight so they're both at a good weight now. Amazing. And.. Iam's is made in the USA! I've heard way too many horrible things about pet food made in China so I'm avoiding that at all costs.

Let's see, what else is there? The house! Still haven't been approved by the bank yet, but they keep telling me I will be approved. My dad said if the bank doesn't approve me, he's going to buy the house and we're going to leave the bank and find a new one. I'm about ready to switch banks after my past experiences with them. I'm just being lazy about it for now since in just 3 months, I will be moving into a new home! Then the stress of fixing up the old house and selling that will begin.

We did get all of our cracked concrete fixed. I still can't believe the builders who built the home I'm in now didn't put any re-barb into the concrete patio. And the concrete was only 2" thick. No wonder it cracked and split apart and pulled away from the house. What cheap people these guys are. And I always have hated the plumber they used. Anyhow, once we move, I'll need to replace the carpet Kent destroyed and get the interior painted. We also need a new stove, new kitchen sink and new microwave. These are also things Kent destroyed in his days of alcoholism. (I'm trying very hard not to be bitter about it. After all, I probably may have ended up an alcoholic myself if I kept almost dying). I sure hope the house sells fast. It makes me nervous having a mortgage payment.

As for the new house, the builders are starting the framing today. I picked out my paint colors for the interior and exterior. In two weeks is when we go pick out the tile, carpet, and all that stuff. I hope they let me pick out light fixtures and don't just give me standard ones. I really am afraid they'll be like the other builders I had and I won't get to choose much.

Anyhow, i'm going with a whispering pine green for the interior paint. It's kind of like a sage green. The granite will be Santa Fe Brown and the woodwork will be stained a very dark brown. As for the floors, I'm thinking light wood flooring in the kitchen, a lighter stone in the bathrooms, entryway and laundry room, and a medium shade of brown for the carpeted areas.

On the outside, I'm going with either a limestone colored stone or a gray stone. Our house will be what is called "Pet Turtle" green, the shutters and the railings around the porch will be black, the trim will be "cream soda" - which is a pretty off white color tan like color, and the doors will be "brick trick" red. All of these are from the Crayola collection by Dutch Boy.

Ah, just realized what time it is. Once things settle down, I will be updating more often. Until next time...

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