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Friday, Jun. 27, 2014 3:40 PM

“When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them.” ― Rodney Dangerfield

My sister has finally moved back to town. Yay! The roof on our new house is up, all the windows are in, the electricity has been wired, the siding is being put on, and the stone comes next. We're moving right along. I've picked out my granite, flooring and tile work. I went with things I didn't expect to go with, but I really love what I've chosen. It's going to be so beautiful and sophisticated looking. The outside of the house is going to be real nice too. I ended up picking out river rock for the stone and a real pale but extremely pretty green for the outside paint. I guess it's time to start my own packing soon. We're collecting boxes from Jenny so it'll be happening in July. Yay!

I think the universe was attempting to keep me away from work this morning. Not only did I wake up late, but I missed my turn on the highway and I was backed up for awhile by an accident on a different road. Now that I'm here, I'm just watching the rain fall outside the window. It's been raining quite a bit this last week, which is nice. It's like our spring has finally arrived a couple of months too late... but it's here!

I just finished reading a book on the afterlife the other day. It's a collection of incidents gathered up by this college professor on what was shared through mediums and near death experiences across the globe over the centuries. It's really quite fascinating. I'll try to sum it up as best I can without over explaining it in a confusing way. I hope I do the spirit world justice in this because the book is so full of information it's hard to process it all and retain everything. So much of it makes you ponder, too. I mean, I was searching for answers to some very distinct questions but came out of it with more questions that need answered. However, the best thing about this book is the hope it gives you. It's like it takes all your fears and anxieties balled up inside of you and releases them so that you're no longer tethered to the earth by the weight of your worries. I won't deny, though, that I did feel a bout of depression come over me, a sadness I couldn't quite explain. I don't know if it's because I tend to over-analyze things or if my expectations of the afterlife are in question now. I haven't figured out this sadness it has caused me, but I know it's dumbfounded.

Anyhow, imagine this. The earth is the nucleus. It is the center most dot in our strange little universe. Spreading out from this dot is what I, myself, imagine to be invisible rings much like the rings surrounding Saturn. At the beginning of Earth's surface begins a set of spheres. Each sphere represents the gathering of souls or spirits who inhabit within that sphere. Right after death, the sphere you end up within is based on the type of person you were on earth. Thus, karma plays a major role on how far your spirit/soul is developed for the afterlife. Is it a bad thing to end up in sphere 1 versus sphere 7? Not at all. It just means you have more work to do to get further along the spheres. But that's okay, because you have all the time in the world to work your way from one end to the other. How fast and how far you move up is all on you.

When you die, you meet your loved ones who are there to greet you. They teach you the way of living and become your guides. If you had a pet that you loved immensely on earth, he/she will be there to greet you as well. A pet that is no longer loved or was never loved properly on earth, will find itself back in the queue to become another animal. An unborn child, orphans, and other souls that have died as children are raised by the more motherly spirits. They grow and progress just like they would have on earth had they remained on earth.

Judgement Day does not exist unless you choose to judge yourself. Reincarnation is a choice. It is not mandatory, but many choose to return to earth to gain knowledge and grow as a soul. Many who died as children or who were never born choose this option.

Hell only exists if you choose to live in a hell of your own making around similar people. Souls who were bad on earth, tend to remain bad even in the afterlife. However, violence is not an option. Violence does not exist. These spirits/souls can move up and beyond their sphere of hell, but to do so they must wish to change and seek things beyond their comfort zone. Otherwise, they may choose to stay within the hell of their own making. a drug addict who enjoys the high they receive from a certain drug may choose to stay among like minded souls/spirits and continue to live within that frame of mind forever.

The environment is very similar to our earth, but there is no change in weather. There is no night. We do not require sleep, but we may rest and sleep if it pleases us. We do not have the desire to eat, but we may eat if we want too. We are able to build or (depending on our ability to imagine), imagine our own homes and they come into existence. We are always fully clothed, never naked. We look like our old selves but healthier and happier. What takes us weeks to travel by car only takes us a moment to travel by thought.

We end up with people just like us. Hindus end up near and around other Hindus. Buddhists with Buddhists, Christians with Christians, etc. Asians tend to find themselves flocking to other Asians, etc. etc. We find that the afterlife is full of teachers and messiahs, all with the purpose of helping us seek knowledge and wisdom in order to grow as a soul and move beyond the spheres to higher realms. God exists, but not the way we imagine God exists. There are even other planets out there with their own "God" and their own spheres that we can visit and learn about if we wish too. Jesus was a very strong messiah and even in the afterlife is revered by people from all sorts of religious backgrounds.. this is partially because he came to earth and was an extremely strong spirit/soul full of the kind of knowledge we should all strive to know.

I would go on, but I don't want to misrepresent the book or fill people with questions that I don't have the answers too. But if you want to read this book, it's The Afterlife Unveiled: What 'The Dead' Are Telling Us about Their World by Stafford Betty. He has a new book out that I'm going to start reading soon.

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