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Just rambling like normal
Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2015 12:07 PM

"Dear Miss Kampenfelt, since you expressed a desire today to learn more about adult life, here are 10 bitter truths for your reading pleasure.

One, Complete honesty is a complete lie.

Two, marriage is sacred only to those who have never been married.

Three, money is more integral to happiness than romantic love.

Four, every human being is a contradiction. Some hide it better than others.

Five, never underestimate the tendency of human beings to act contrary to their own best interests.

Six, were it not for the fear of getting caught, most of us would behave like savages.

Seven, all sex has consequences, most of them dire.

Eight, the older you get, the faster time flies until months pass like days.

Nine, there's no such thing as living happily ever after.

Ten, everything gets worse."

- Ask Me Anything (2014)

I've been extremely busy lately. My brother was in town to celebrate his 35th birthday last week. He brought with him JP, who, as it turns out, is now officially his new boyfriend.

Our 5 year old niece ended up in the hospital because she had a temperature over 104 for an entire week. She was able to go home yesterday. They still don't know what caused her to be so sick, but at least they ruled out leukemia and all the other serious diseases.

The neighbors who live behind us, who are from China, are pilfering our dirt we need to fix our yard. The guy comes over in the middle of the night with his wheelbarrow and hauls it off to fix his own yard. When we confronted him about it, he pretended he couldn't speak English. When we went to Jim, the realtor selling homes in the area, he said the man was a student and assistant professor at the university so he knows English and speaks it just fine. I'm not sure what we can do to deter this man from stealing our dirt at night, let alone make him pay us back for the dirt he's taken from us already. I'd hate to make enemies with the couple, but at the same time it's not right for them to steal from us like that.

I have been on my "diet" for about a month now and I haven't lost any weight! My swelling is down quite a bit though and I feel ten times better. But all I eat is salad this and salad that. All I drink is water this and water that. I thought I'd miss my Dr. Pepper but I really don't. What I miss is pasta. Then again, I'm not sure I miss pasta that much. Sometimes I think it's the Alfredo sauce I miss more.

I eat a lot of yogurt and string cheese for snacks or breakfast which has helped with my lack of a gallbladder. Before I would have to go to the bathroom right away after I ate no matter what. Not to be blunt or anything but the dairy constipates me to where I feel like I have a normal flow again. Odd, eh? I know a lot of people are afraid to admit it when they've had their gallbladders removed, but what the hell. I'm not the only one who has suffered digestively from the removal of it.

Everybody keeps telling me to not give up yet because the weight will eventually fall off. I just hope it happens soon.

I want to change my diary's look. I can't seem to find a site that offers diaryland templates, though. They all seem to be old sites that have been abandoned. If anybody knows of a site I can look through please let me know. I'm getting a bit tired of the way my page looks.

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