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Pure Life
Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 3:08 PM

“We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” ― Ray Bradbury

The oil business is in a bind lately and that means my future employment is in question. With prices low, that means less production and a lot less drilling to replace the old reserves. With less drilling, that means a lot less work for me to do. My full time job is now a part time job. I'm lucky that I work for my dad or I think I would have lost my health benefits, been downgraded to part time on the paycheck, and/or let go by now.

With the prices low, the company that used to be my dad's wants to buy him out of his interest in the wells they operate. If the offer is good, my dad is going to accept. If that happens, then my part time job becomes a part third job or even a part fourth job. This is scary for me because I have never worked for anyone else (except in high school and college), and I depend quite a bit on this job when it comes to taking time off to take care of Kent when his health is downhill.

For a moment I had a short pipe dream about moving to Oregon and opening up a pot shop. We would leave JR behind in Kansas and spend our days just running the shop and living peacefully by the ocean. My brother nicked that in that bud when he told me flat out he didn't want to work with me in any capacity. He's currently starting up a company that will grow it. Plus, Kent is very adamant that we do not live on the west coast. For some reason he's afraid of living by any ocean. He wants to move to Texas, but I told him no. Not gonna happen.

I don't know what's going to happen. I'm pretty much trapped in place for the time being because only time will tell. I'd still like to live on the coast in some capacity, but what I'd do to make a living, I really don't know. That's the scariest part of this all.

I haven't visited my grandmother in over a week. I was going to go last weekend but we spent the weekend with Kent's family getting to know his dad's new girlfriend. She's very nice and outgoing. She's brought my father-in-law out of his shell and has made him a lot happier. He's actually doing a lot more socially than he's ever done in the 8 years I have known him.

As for Grandma? I'm not sure how she's doing since I haven't been to see her. We did have her doctor bring in hospice so now they're taking care of her to a degree. My aunt's daughter moved in with them so she's helping out a lot, too. All I know is that it's more than a one person job. They did bring a medical bed that Grandma sleeps in now so that helps a lot. I need to get over there and see her soon.

I haven't seen Todd the toad lately. There was a dead toad on the driveway so now I'm worried that Todd has met his demise. It was on JR's side of the driveway so if it was Todd, then JR murdered him. Kent says the toad wasn't big enough to be Todd, but he could just be saying that to ease my worries. He did say, however, "this is what you get for naming them!"

I've been looking around for little Ted but he's not around, either. He may have gone off to live closer to the water or some light source. I was always shocked Todd chose to live where he did since at night it's extremely dark right there. Then again, I'm not an expert on toads and don't plan to be. Heck, half the time I keep calling them frogs.

If another toad shall appear, I will take cocoabean's suggestion and name that one Tad.

There is a snake living on the north side of our house. I haven't seen it yet, but Kent says it's a gardener snake. That snake may have eaten Ted or Todd, and I'll never know.

Yep, that's what I get for naming them, I guess.

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